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A Root & Branch Approach

In modern estate agency, BRANCHES are all very well but it’s ROOTS that really matter. However big the major firms may be, they are only as good as their staff, some of whom could easily have only been at the branch a matter of weeks. There is no substitute for local market knowledge when it comes to valuing and selling your most important asset.

For ROOTS, Leicester Trevor Kent is born and bred Gerrards Cross and has worked with his father TREVOR KENT Former President of the National Association of Estate Agents in the town for the last 16 years. Leicester’s experience also stretches to surrounding villages such as The Chalfonts, Denham and Harefield, as well the old home town!

As the footfall to conventional agency offices has fallen to almost zero, a high street presence is unnecessary and reliance on portals such as Rightmove enables the passing of branch rental-savings on to clients in the form of low fees and currently NO VAT!

Leicester Trevor Kent Estate Agents would relish the opportunity to market your home today at a low fee, with no minimum contract term agreement, and currently NO VAT. Tempted? Well please don’t hesitate to call 01753 885522 or email sales@leicestertrevorkent.com for a chat with him today.

Don’t get left behind. Choose an estate agent who will help you stand out from the crowd.